HQ Training Department Mission

1. General information

The HQ Training Department is the part of IVAO which is responsible to organize and supervise and monitor all subjects with reference to Training and exams.

HQ-Tdep is supervised by IVAO executive.

The Training part is completely delegated to the divisions and is observed in respect to procedures,documetation, and publications.

The exam part is is issued by the HQ Training Department and The procedures and publications are mandatory fort he divisions. Any alterations by the Divs are to be published and need the approval of HQ Tdep.

All exams are validated by the HQ T-Dep. The final score and result is determined by the validator

HQ Tdep also issues all necesary documentation needed for training and exams. IVAO uses the ICAO regulations and procedures without any local , country related special procedures or regulations as the basisfor the exams Any country specific regulations or procedures, if tob e used for exams must be published and approved by HQ Tdep.

HQ-Tdep also provides a special group of experienced pilots ( HQ-Pilots) which can be requested by the Dvisions for flying during ATC training and exam sessions.

HQ Tdep also issues any upgrades of ratings ( Rating Transfer) based on Real life or VATSIM ratings

2. Roles and responsibilities

a) Issue mandatory requirements and procedures for all exams (theoretical and practical) including briefing guides ( for examinees) and marking standards, marking sheets and all related documentation ( for examiners)

b) Validate theoretical and practical exams after evaluation

c) Issue necessary training documentation based on ICAO or links to appropriate websites for obtaining the knowledge as far as possible to pass the exams ( practical and theoretical)

d) Issue Training Staff Circulars which inlude advises and procedures fort he DIV Training staff, Issue Internal Training Memos ( for HQ staff), and issue NOTAMs for all members containing special procedures during exam sessions.

All circulars, Internal memos and Notams as described above are mandatory for exams and approved by executive

e) Approve or denie any alterations as requested by DIVs with respect to exams as noted under a)

f) Supervise all active DIVs regarding all subjects with refernce to training and compliance of the issued exam procedures.Monitor exams if deemed necessary. Advise DIVs if any changes are applicable on their Trng part oft he DIV- website or publications.

g) Approve qualified examiners

h) Assist new foundation of DIVs and paticipate on the approval procedure done by executive

i) Set up a rating transfer procedure from Real Life licenses or VATSIM to IVAO ratings and approve or denie these requests.

j) Block members for exams

k) Supervise and follow up the GCA system (Guest Controller Approval) and approve participating Divisions.

l) Assign the HQ Tdep Staff with approval of executive

m) Update and keep the current existing databases functionally As far as possible or coordinate with the appropriate software departments if needed

n) Set up the procedures for the HQ pilots and operate accordingly

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