NOTAM 001-2016 HQ Training department

Log in procedures during exams

For Pilot Log In

In addition to the R&R 6.1. and 6.2. The following procedures must be followed if logged in for a pilots exam:

Examinee should log in as EXMXXXX (last 4 digits are the exam number)

Examiner can log in with his staff callsign , or if he simulates an active ATC position as XXXX_EXA_XXX (eg. EDDL_EXA_TWR). If the examiner logs in as a simulated ATC Position, the ATIS must contain the remark: No active ATC - Pilot training in progress

For ATC Log in

The examinee should log in with the applicable callsign in function of the requested examination rank: ICAO_TWR, ICAO_APP or ICAO_CTR (eg. LEBF_TWR) .

Note : The HQ Training department highly recommends you to insert in the ATIS :

   Exam in progress –  Emergencies are forbidden except emergencies created by examiner

During active practical exams no Emergency (MAYDAY) or Urgency (PAN) situations may be Initiated by any participating pilot unless specifically requested by the examiner.

Declaring any unrequested Emergency, PAN or squawking 7700 or 7600 can lead to a forced disconnection by the Examiner or Supervisor.

The examiner should log in as XXXX_X_TWR/APP/CTR (eg. EDDH_X_TWR)

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