NOTAM 003-2017 HQ Training department

UPDATED on 06.02.2019.

Use of IvAc 2 Beta during IVAO Exam

Today, IvAc 1 and IvAc 2 Beta are partly incompatible with regards to coordination/handover procedures and no script is provided by the developers to enable users to get the different transfer /coordination informations.


Every Examinee and all ATC participating on one exam shall follow these requirements descrbed below:

For TWR exams :

  • The Examinee on TWR position and the next adjacent unit above the TWR position shall use only IvAc 1 (This can be APP or, if no APP is available ACC).

For APP exams :

  • The Examinee on APP position and the next adjacent units to the APP position shall use only IvAc 1 . The adjacent units are the TWR positions below the APP area of responsibility and the ACC positions directly in connection with the APP area.
  • Any further adjacent units due to any airspace configuration shall use IvAc 1.

For ACC exams :

  • The Examinee on ACC position and the main APP positions below the area of responsibility shall use only IvAc 1 .

For SEC exams :

  • The requirements for SEC exams shall follow the APP exam requirements.

For all ATC exams :

IvAc 1 is mandatory for all examiners

If the exam is done not using the IvAc 1 log-in requirements as stated in this NOTAM, the exam will not be validated and it has to be redone. From 15.02.2019 on, all ATC exams have to be carried out using IVAC1 software only.

The usage of IVAC2 on ATC exams will be not allowed after the above stated date. This, without exception, is valid for practical ATC exams, where:

Examiners, co-examiners and approved observers must use IVAC1 Examinees must use IVAC1 . All adjacent ATC stations to the examinees position must use IVAC1

The divisions are responsible to keep the IVAC1 sector files up to date, including the procedures and all necessary information.

The validation of the ATC exams made with IVAC2 after the above date, will be consequently refused by the HQ Training Department.

For PILOT exams :

For pilot exams, the examiner can use IVAC2 on own discretion if the sector data is up to date. HQ Training Department reserves the right to change that permission at any time in the future.

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