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This section of the documentation library is provided and maintained by the Executive Council.


This document serves to provide detailed information regarding Supervisors Activity in our Network.

Due to the rapid growth of IVAO, there is a greater demand for the intervention of Supervisors.
This is a means of providing support to all members while they are online to IVAN, therefore ensuring they will experience the most optimal simulation experience.
Supervisors are obligated to address many scenarios and cases , such as assisting new members or taking action regarding IVAO R&R transgressions.

How do I request the assistance of a Supervisor?

All members requesting the assistance of Supervisors, must use the .wallop command in IVAC and/or IVAP.
All online Supervisors will receive your .wallop messages, and provide assistance as soon as possible.

While using the .wallop command, you are required to provide full details in your .wallop request.
E.g. – .wallop Member connected as TEST123 is not replying to ATC chat/voice calls for more than 20 minutes

Messages such as, “hello I need Sup,” “any Sup online” or similar could possibly not be answered hastily, or might not be answered at all.
(Assist the Supervisors in order for them to assist you).

If it takes a while longer than expected for a Supervisor to respond to your wallop, your patience will be appreciated in this regard.
Kindly do not forget that Supervisors could be elsewhere or otherwise occupied with other situations and requests.

Supervisor Nomination

An IVAO staff member can be nominated as a Supervisor by his 1st line or higher management.

High level requirements

- Should be a staff member (HQ or Divisional level) for at least 3 consecutive months;

- Should hold both Senior Private Pilot (SPP) and Approach Controller (APC) for more than 6 months.

-Suspension History of all nominated Supervisors is a major determining factor, and is therefore taken into consideration with regards to the evaluation process. This will be based purely on the discretion of the Executive, however in most cases, a clean suspension history is required.

- During the nomination process, the candidate will be subject to an interview with one or more of the Executive Council members, which reserve the right to determine if the nominee qualifies or not to become an IVAO Supervisor.

Nomination Rules

The following Staff members are automatically eligible for Supervisor Nomination

Senior HQ (Department Directors / Assistant Directors)
Division HQ (Division Directors / Assistant Directors)

They must meet the minimum criteria:

- Are at least Senior Private Pilot (SPP) and Approach Controller (APC);

- Have at the time of application at least 100 hours logged on IVAO as a staff member;

- Participate in and are successful in an interview with one or more of the members of the Executive Council.

It is the full discretion of the Executive Council, as to if the nominee successfully passes all the criteria to be appointed as Supervisor.

- All Supervisors are granted access to members confidential information, applicable to the privacy law.
Therefore it is mandatory for all Supervisors to digitally sign the Confidentiality Agreement.
If the candidate refuses to sign the CA, the process will be automatically rejected.
If the agreement is breached by the Supervisor, the Supervisor status will be automatically revoked, disappointed from all current staff positions, as well as a suspension.
The duration of the suspension will be determined by the Executive Council.

- All Supervisors are a representation of the Executive Council, so therefore they are appointed, managed, monitored and disappointed by the Executive Council.

- The Supervisors are not linked to specific divisions, but from an IVAO global perspective.

- If a Supervisor is disappointed from all staff position(s) then the Supervisor status will automatically be revoked.

- HQ Department Directors/Assistant Directors and Division HQ are automatically eligible for the Supervisor status, as long as they qualify for the requirements.

- Division HQ, can only nominate staff members in their divisions to become Supervisors.

- All Supervisors are obliged to deal with requests and situations in all active and non-active divisions.

- All Supervisors while online must respond to all wallops sent by any member, and for any reason, unless they are otherwise occupied.

- Supervisors must follow and act according to IVAO R&R, doubtful cases may be reported to IVAO Executive.

- Suspensions or any disciplinary action taken without adhering to the guidelines, will be subject to warnings and, in case of re incidence, will result in the member Supervisor status removal.

Supervisor Activity

- Executive Council monitors and measures the Supervisors activity based on a 6 month statistical window.

- If a Supervisor is found to be inactive or below the expected activity, the Supervisor will be contacted via mail to justify his inactivity or low activity.

- If the Supervisor failed to reply within a logical period, Supervisor status will be automatically revoked.

- Therefore it is mandatory for all Supervisors to report all actions using the respective Supervisor tools, in order to avoid such issues or misunderstandings.

- It is also advised, in case Supervisors are otherwise occupied in real life should they inform the Executive Council in order to issue a waiver for this period.
Failing to do so will result to automatic removal of the Supervisor status of the member.

Date: 27 September 2017
Updated by: Executive Council

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