Non-Profit Organisation

The IVAO Non Profit organisation (NPO, or VZW in Dutch) was created in April 2007, to give IVAO a legal body thus ensuring that the community could continue to use the services of IVAO independently of management changes. The establishment of the NPO also allowed the creation of a legal, audited financial framework to be able to fund resources such as servers by accepting donations from the community.

The NPO is made up of a number of bodies:

General Assembly

Users of IVAO, legally known as adjoined members may chose to be elected as legal members of the NPO; these members are called effective members. The Yearly contribution and procedure to follow in order to become an effective member of the NPO are laid out in the By-Laws

This group of 'effective' members, who have been elected, make up the General Assembly (GA), which is similar to the shareholders of a profit-making company.

The General Assembly is exclusively responsible for voting on a number of fundamental issues, including:

  • Modifying the Articles of Association (Statutes).
  • The appointment, expulsion and discharge of members of the Board of Governors
  • The approval of the annual budget and accounts
  • The appointment and exclusion of a member of the association, for example adding new GA members
  • Changing the association's legal status or purpose
  • The voluntary dissolution of the association

List of effective members of the NPO

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors (BoG) consists of the legal managers of the NPO. Governors are appointed by the General Assembly for a two year, re-electable, term. The election procedure for NPO Governors and the NPO staff functions are laid out in the By-Laws.

The responsibilities of the Board of Governors include:

  • The appointment and expulsion of a daily senior management team
  • Providing strategic direction and vision for the organisation
  • Leading the affairs of the association and representing it in legal and other matters
  • Legislation and regulation of the NPO, in accordance with the General Assembly
  • General competence for all NPO matters, with exception of those explicitly reserved by law to the General Assembly

The Board can only validly rule if the majority of the governors is present at an official meeting. All decisions are taken by ordinary majority of votes.

List of NPO Governors



The first main document of the IVAO NPO is the 'Statutes of the Association'. This document is the constitution of our organisation and lays down the basic structures and how the organisation functions.

Belgian legislation requires that documents published to the Belgian court be in one of the official languages of Belgium. As a consequence the legal statutes document is in Dutch, the English traslation being informational only.

All official documents of the NPO will show the full legal name of the organisation: International Virtual Aviation Organisation VZW

English Version
Dutch Version


In addition to the Statutes of the Association, the NPO lays down a number of rules and procedures which are called by-laws.

By-laws are published in the working language of the organisation, which is English.

English Version

Meeting Minutes & Motions

All BoG and GA meetings and motions are recorded and documented in English.

Board of Governors

General Assembly

Commercial Court Archives

Copies of all documents filed with the Belgian Commercial Court may be accessed via


The IVAO founder members are credited with the foresight and determination to selflessly pursue the creation of the NPO which forms the backbone of our organisation. Without the work and commitment of these members we would not have the infrastructure, management or network resources that IVAO is built on.

We owe a great debt to these founding fathers; the future of IVAO represents our appreciation and commitment to their legacy.

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