Executive Council


The Executive Council is the highest authoritative body in all matters concerning the operation of the network, including management of departmental and regional staff. Its work is overseen by the Board of Governors in order to ensure that the general policy and long-term strategies are followed according to the guidelines and vision set out by the Board.

It is also responsible for enforcing the Rules & Regulations by means of a team of Network Supervisors.


The Executive Council is responsible for the day-to-day management and oversight of the network. This includes:

Executive management of the IVAO network and forum

  • Implementing policy and rules set forth by the BoG
  • Proposing amendments of rules and regulations to the BoG as necessary
  • Appointing, managing and reviewing Executive Assistants
  • Appointing, managing and reviewing Network Supervisors
  • Appointing, managing and reviewing Forum Moderators
  • Appointing, managing and reviewing Forum Administrators
  • Overseeing disciplinary actions or suspensions
  • Redacting and dispatching network-wide NOTAMs

Management and review of departments

  • Assigning tasks, responsibilities and priorities as required
  • Appointing, managing and reviewing Departmental Directors / Assistant Directors
  • Actioning and overseeing departmental staff changes
  • Managing and ensuring coordination between departments

Management and review of local branches (Divisions, Regions, etc)

  • Managing the creation and review of local branches: Divisions, Mini-Divisions, Regions, OIFs.
  • Appointing, managing and reviewing Divisional Directors / Assistant Directors
  • Overseeing major division issues and disputes
  • Monitoring the use of divisional NOTAMs

Executive Assistants


Executive Assistants are non-voting members and must fulfill the requirements for supervisory rights. No additional access to systems is automatically granted, however, may be granted on a temporary basis for a specific project and shall cease upon completion of the project. No set number of assistants is defined. The appointment of Executive Assistants follows the normal process of Senior Staff Appointments.


Executive Assistants shall be tasked with assisting the Executive Council with the following:

  • Assuming the management of any division (included Mini-Divisions and Multi-Country Divisions) as required.
  • Helping new Divisions (including Mini-Divisions and Multi-Country Divisions) as required.
  • Supporting the Executive Council to implement policy and rules.
  • Supporting the Executive Council to manage disciplinary/suspension actions.
  • Supporting the Executive Council with overview of the current network project definitions.