Letter of Agreement: Romania

General Regulations

All military operations activities needs prior permission from DIR/SOC in Romanian FIR otherwise are prohibited.

Military ATC

  • Romanian division requires from foreign controllers to have GCA in order to open/control LRBB_M_CTR in our airspace(military/civil)
  • The LRBB_M_CTR position can only be occupied if LRBB_CTR is activated at the same time, while military traffic management is coordinated with civil traffic.

Military Pilot

Flight plan must be filled M (military) flight type and follow IVAO General rules and regulations.

Speed Restrictions

250 Knots below to FL100

Traffic separation

* Both military and civil operating aircraft's must be separated 2000ft or more on a vertical.
* Both military and civil operating aircraft's must be separated 5 or more nautical miles from each.
* No one may conduct interception flight without acknowledge from the division S.O Staff.
* Escort flight must be approved from all pilots involved.

Military Bases

Campia Turzii

Military Training Zones

TMA Constanta

Restriced Zones

TMA Bucuresti

This LOA is current, last check 30SEP17

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