Create a S.O. Event

All Special Operations missions must be prepared by the division SOC.

Any member could suggest a type of mission, but he must notify the SOC about that.

Two or more divisions can create a shared event as well. For this, the SOC's must coordinate with each other and notify the SOD to publish a clearance for that event.

To create a SO event, you need to follow some steps, to make your event well organized.

1. What kind of event are you going to create?

General SO :

  • Fire Fighting
  • Police Operations
  • Shipwreck Assistance
  • Medical Assistance
  • SAR Flights
  • VIP Flights
  • Escort Flights for VIP flights

Military SO :

  • Air to Air Refuelling
  • Formation Flights
  • Aircraft Carrier Operations
  • Low Level Flights
  • Air to Ground Flights
  • AWACS (ATC) Flight
  • Air to Air (intercepts, visual identification)
  • Procedures Flights (airspace, airport, approaches, navigation etc)

2. When you made your choice, you are going to search for airspace.

Does your division has specified airspace such as TRA’s where your mission can take place? If not, contact your FIR chief and ask him if you can reserve some airspace for your mission. You both then need to look carefully not to interfere with GAT.

3. Setting up your event.

When you have arranged point 1 to 3 it’s time to setup your event. You need to build up your event, the way you think your event should be. Think about airspace, routing, mission you want to create, area’s etc etc.

4. What information is needed for the participants? Prepare your event briefing.

While you are setting up your event, keep in mind that an event will be more successful if you provide as much information and details such as :

  • Charts of the airbase and maps of the area. (if available)
  • Flight route (what route to fly*)
  • Flight plan
  • Scenery (if available)
  • Sectorfiles for ATC (including all mission information)

* You could make a flight route by VOR, NDB, Intersections or coordinates. Always try to provide what is necessary for the participants, pilots and controllers.

5. Testing your event.

When you have setup your event, you need to overlook all issues again. What did I forgot? What can I do better? What can I do more? Try to create an image in your mind, about how you want your event to look like! When you are done, you need to fly your event alone, to check if there is a problem.

6. Set time and date.

When you are ready you must set an event date and time, when do you want your event to take place. Notify your division DIR when you have selected a date, and ask for approval.

7. Ask from HQSOD clearance for your event

When you receive the approval from your DIR, you need to send a message to You must send a detailed as possible message regarding your event with the information mentioned below:

  • Event date and time (GMT)
  • Type of event (general or military SO)
  • Kind of event (detailed as possible)
  • Type of aircrafts
  • ATC stations
  • Airports you use (arr, dep and altn)
  • Webpage for more information.

When this message is send, you need to wait for reply and approval from SOD.

If you have created an event, that requires to over fly other countries, you need to contact the SOC or DIR of that country including your clearance number given by HQ, and ask for permission to over fly their country.

Also you need to ask for landing and take-off permits to the country you scheduled a technical stop. (such as refueling)

They will take a look at your scheduled mission and issue (or not), according their division DIR, a permit for the overfly or landing. In case of negative response you may have to reroute the mission.

8. Announce your event.

When you have received clearance you need to announce your event. Try to announce your event to your fellow staff SOC members. Place it in the SO forum and mail the HQ SOA1 to update the calendar with your event calendar.

9. What services are required for a good event?

This is your final step in your creation.

- ATC - Pilots

When you have all information and your event is ready, you will need to get ATC positions manned. Airbase controllers (GND, TWR, APP), Radar controller(s) (CTR) or a AWACS controller if required.

You must try to arrange ATC controllers within your division first to set all positions. When unable to get enough ATC within your division, you could ask fellow staff SOCs if they could help you with ATC.

10. Send an event report.

At the end of your event you need to send a report with the info listed below to In this message you need to include:

  • Flight report of your event.
  • Names and IVAO VID of all participants including position (pilot or ATC)

Please use this report format

The SOC.

During the event, the SOC is fully responsible of the good progress of the operations as cleared. Also responsible of the respect of the IVAO SO rules.

The SOC may refuse any participant from joining his event under very good reasons only. When he does, he needs to contact the SOD and tell him exactly why he refused a participant.

The SOC may decide if he wants to use specified callsigns during his event. That can be given by subscription, but must be mentioned on the event webpage.

Extra Information:

IVAO-HQ will issue with Jet Fighter/Special Operations Controller award each pilot or controller that has at least 10 SO points as pilot or controller. IVAO-HQ will give 1-5 points to each event. See the points table here.

To create a good list of participants that participated in your event, you could let participants subscribe to your event. This way they need to contact you with there subscription including:

  • Full name
  • Aircraft type
  • Callsign
  • Mission type

This way you only need to overlook the callsigns during your event, if they actually take part.

Pilots or controllers that are disconnected during your event, without reconnecting they don’t receive any points. It’s the job of the SOC to lookout carefully to this issue.

Request a Special Operations event

Step 1 - Be original

It is always nice to fly in group from one airport to another. But is this really what special operations is all about? Try to come up with a creative and interesting idea : SAR mission, race, air show, paradrop, refuel mission, recon, …

Not everyone has the knowledge to create objects for cool missions and that is why we created the SODG : SO development group. Do not hesitate to contact the SODG with requests or questions.

Step 2 - Gather information

Once you have your idea, start to find information. Try to find the correct prodecures and regulations of the place you are hosting the event. The last thing we need is a bunch of planes flying straight out and straight in without following correct procedures. State these rules clearly in the event manual so participants know what to do.

If your event will be a multidivisional, make sure you inform your foreign counterparts. Hosting events in divisions without warning them is a no go! Please be aware that the airport's country will be the host for the event. If you have multiple arrival airports, you will have multiple hosts.

Step 3 - Elaborate the concept

Don't just open a topic in the forum without having a structurized manual ( .pdf preferable). Official events can only be promoted on the forum AFTER the approval has been given. Be sure you arrange qualified and enough ATC for your event. An event without ATC will end up in a mess.

Try to find good scenery for your airport. Flightsim and Avsim are two resources with a huge scenery/aircraft database, have a look overthere. If there is no scenery, consider making AFCAD files so that everyone will be seen correctly on IVAc.

Make a structured guide with enough information. Too much isn't good either. Just include what is really necessary (concept, date, time, place, rules, contact, …) and leave out the useless things.

Step 4 - Request Event

Once you have everything set, request the event. IVAO-SOA1 is in charge of creating, approving and validating events. So he is the one to contact. Events should be requested no later dan 10days before the event date. Once you received your approval, you must publish your event information on your divisional website and/or (SO) forum. If there is no information given within 72hrs of the approval, the event will be cancelled.

Step 5 - Validating

Participants can earn “SO Points” for their support. More information about SO points here. The event organizers must provide us with a correct and completed validation sheet. This sheet must include : Pilot/ATC Name, Pilot/ATC VID, Pilot or ATC, earned point for this event, total points (done by SO HQ) and the division of the participant.

Click here to download the validation sheet.