**Effective May 24th 2018**

Terms of Use

TU.1 General

TU.1.1 The IVAO network is offered to you free of charge conditioned on your acceptance of the IVAO rules and regulations, terms of use and privacy policy published on our website. Your use of the network constitutes your agreement to these documents. IVAO reserves the right to change or update these documents and will notify users if it does.

TU.1.2 Users not meeting user requirements, abuse or violating the rules and regulations, unauthorized accessing, tampering, altering, disseminating or jeopardizing the network environment or disclose user information to third parties may face sanction up to and including a referral for criminal prosecution to be the sole determination of the IVAO Executive Council.

TU.2 Account registration

TU.2.1 User accounts

One-time registration with IVAO, with full and real name at www.ivao.aero, grants usage of IVAO services, provided the user is minimal 16 years of age at the time of registration, registers a continuously valid working e-mail address and chooses an IVAO division. Accounts may be subject to approval by the IVAO membership department, should doubts about the identity of the user rise. Users shall not create multiple accounts and are responsible to keep their accounts up to date. Users shall never share account passwords with other persons nor allow others to use their account and shall only use their own account.

Users can register an account if they are between 13 and 16 years old provided their legal guardians have given consent for this registration. Upon registration the user is asked to confirm this consent.

TU.2.2 Organisational accounts

TU.2.2.1 Application for an Organizational Account shall be done via e-mail to the Membership Department. The application shall contain, at minimum, the legal and trade name of the organization, physical location (ordinary place of business), the nature of the organization including services provided, legal/taxation status (e.g. non- profit, corporation, etc.), and how they wish to utilize IVAO services. Organizations shall provide contact information for at least two individuals considered to be managers. This information shall be made available to supervisory staff. The managers are at all times responsible for the account. The name listed on the account shall be the registered name of the company or organization. Organizational Accounts shall be listed as members of the division in which their primary place of business is located.

TU.2.2.2 Organizations agree that they shall not profit from the use of the IVAO services. (E.g. An organization which charges a fee to its clients for instruction time or use of equipment may do so, however, is prohibited from charging an additional fee for the use of any IVAO service.) Organizations agree to promote IVAO through the use of a visible IVAO logo and URL on their website. IVAO agrees to promote the organization through the affiliate program.

TU.3 Account activity

Active accounts require network activity minimal once every 3 months. Inactive accounts after initial registration will be removed after nine months. Active accounts becoming inactive remain inactive or can be removed. Inactive accounts as described in the membership department procedures.