**Modification Effective January 1st 2019**:


Training department


T.1 IVAO GCA- and exam regulations are subject to the IVAO HQ training department. None of the published IVAO training department procedures and/or regulations shall be altered, without prior written approval by the Training Director and/or Training Assistant Director.


T.2 Divisions, participating in the GCA (Guest Controller Approval) program, may require users registered with foreign divisions, to obtain a GCA before being allowed to log on to a FRA restricted position. Such GCA requirement(s) shall be published on the division website in English language.

T.2.1 All users with an ADC (or higher) rating can apply for a GCA.

T.2.2 The GCA shall only be used to determine if a user is able to properly apply the local procedures on the respective FRA restricted position. Divisions may require a checkout to assess the level of competence. Divisions reserves the right to revoke a GCA in case the required level of competence is no longer met. A GCA cannot be refused or revoked based on lack of knowledge of the local language.

T.2.3 Training Director, Training Assistant Director and Senior Training Advisors are allowed to log into any ATC position on the network regardless of GCA restrictions for training and exam purposes.


T.3.1 IVAO pilot and/or ATC exams can only be performed in approved IVAO (mini-) divisions which are assigned by the Training Director and/or Training Assistant Director. The approved divisions shall be published on the IVAO website.

T.3.2 IVAO users can not apply for an IVAO exam outside the division they are registered with.

T.3.3: Exam procedures and marking standards are solely to be determined by the HQ training department. Divisions not executing the proper procedures and marking standards, may have their pilot and/or ATC examiner assignment revoked.

T.3.4 IVAO exams shall be assessed on the IVAO network via approved IVAO software. The approval of the IVAO software for exams is determined by the Training Director and/or Training Assistant Director and shall be published on the IVAO website.

T.3.5 Practical IVAO exams may only be assessed by IVAO training staff with an active IVAO examiner status. Approval of IVAO examiners shall be granted by the Training Director and/or Training Assistant Director. Approval of staff exams shall be done by the Training Director, Training Assistant Director and/or Senior Training Advisor.

T.3.6 All IVAO exam results are pending validation by the Training Director, Training Assistant Director and/or appointed HQ training staff. Successful completion of the exam after validation by IVAO HQ, will result an equivalent ATC or pilot rating being assigned to the user. This rating may be revoked/downgraded if certain standards are no longer met.

T.3.7 IVAO users can be suspended or excluded from IVAO exams for reasons of exam fraud, scoring 10% or less on an exam or violation of the IVAO rules and regulations. The type and length of exclusion is determined by the Training Director and/or Training Assistant Director.

T.3.8 The ratings of SFI/SAI are assigned and revoked by the Training Director and/or Training Assistant Director. The rating of CFI/CAI is honorary and assigned by the Executive Council. This rating is not removed upon resignation from the position of Training Director and/or Training Assistant Director.

T.3.9 After switching divisions users are not allowed to request any practical exam within 90 days. Exceptions can be made by the Training Director, Training Assistant Director and division mentor.

T.3.10 Only users with an active account are allowed to request and perform exams. Users with inactive or suspended accounts are excluded from requesting and/or performing exams until their status is active again.

Membership department

M.1 In case of doubt on the user identity by the membership department the user will be asked to provide a copy of an official ID to prove his identity.

M.2 E-Mail address containing the word IVAO are not accepted.

M.3 Division Change request A user may once per 12 months request a division transfer, all transfers are subject of approval by the users prospective division and the Membership Department. For the right procedure please refer to: http://forum.ivao.aero/index.php?topic=195931.0

ATC Operations


A.1.1 Aerodrome Control: All DEL, GND and TWR positions.

A.1.2 Terminal Control: All APP and DEP positions or TWR positions with TMA responsibilities

A.1.3 Area Control: All ACC positions responsible for CTA and UTA airspace

A.1.4 FSS: Stations performing Flight Station Service

Online Regulations

A.2.1 Aerodrome Control Regulations

A.2.1.1 Users should login in the highest available position in aerodrome that is available according to FRA and the user feels comfortable with, following the order TWR > GND > DEL. For example, if FRA permits, a user should connect as a TWR instead of GND

A.2.1.2 The simulation of NOTAMs closing runways, taxiways, aprons or imposing any other restrictions to the common operation of airport shall only be done with agreement of pilots. Its simulation, however, is not recommended, since it’s not relevant for the operation.

A.2.2. Terminal Control Regulations

A.2.2.1 An approach shall perform the ATC duties in all controlled aerodromes (TWR, GND and DEL) under the airspace he’s responsible in the absence of online members.

A.2.3 Area Control Regulations

A.2.3.1 It’s not required for area controllers to perform ATC duties in Terminal Control or Aerodrome Control airspaces when the appropriate controllers are not online, unless division or exam procedures describe otherwise. If a restricted coverage is being applied, the controller shall clearly state this in the ATIS.

Operational Regulations

A.3.1 FRA Regulations

A.3.1.1 FRA for Centers in areas not covered by divisions will be set as ADC.

A.3.2 Scheduling System Regulations

A.3.2.1 Users are encouraged to plan and schedule anytime when ATC service is bound to be provided. For events, divisions may create special systems for schedule and users shall follow the details in event announcement.

A.3.2.2 Schedule slots for ATC have priority for the user that booked it. However, the user can only make use of the booked facility until 15min after the start of the reserved time. After that, if the member is not online, any other user is allowed to login to the position

Flight Operations


F.1.1 IVAO FOD will provide a website for VA listing, statistics and ACARS.

F.1.2 Approval and management is the responsibility of the division FOC and FOAC or in their absence DIR and ADIR. VA removal however has to be requested by the divisions to the FOD.

F.1.3 FOD always reserves the right to remove a VA from the registered VA list. Reasons for this action should be forward to the Executive.

F.1.4 The Executive Council always reserves the right to remove a VA from the VA registered VA list. This could be based on any serious and/or regular transgressions of the IVAO R&R.


F.2.1 To become a registered IVAO™ VA, your VA has to be free of charge for the members, and should not have a commercial goal. Your VA will not profit directly or indirectly from using the IVAO network, neither use IVAO™ name to do publicity for the company.

F.2.2 Registered VAs are responsible for the logos and names they submit to the IVAO database. IVAO™ will not be responsible for copyright violations. If a VA is based on a real airline it is solely the responsibility of the VA to obtain and maintain approval from the real airline to use its name, logo and other materials.

F.2.3 Only IVAO™ member VAs will have the right to maintain a registered ICAO code. You can choose your own ICAO code during the registration process and it will be assigned to you. Multiple VAs with the same call sign can be included in the IVAO VA registered list. If the VA you are registering is based on a real airline, then you will be assigned the ICAO code of that real airline. Note: the reference for real airlines is ICAO Doc 8585.


To be an IVAO™ member VA and to maintain the registration, a VA must fulfil the following requirements:

F.3.1 The CEO/Owner must:

  • Be a person at least 16 years old.
  • Have been registered on the IVAO network for at least 6 months.

F.3.2 It is mandatory for VAs to use the IVAO ACARS system and are required to log every 6 months 50 legs/flights using the VA ICAO code from the date of the registration. If they fail to do so, then the system will automatically delete the VA from the registered list. Note: VAs can use their own ACARS parallel with the IVAO one.

F.3.3 The registration form must be completed and submitted by the CEO/Owner of the VA. This is to ensure a direct communication channel between the IVAO Flight Operations and VA management personnel.

F.3.4 VA website shall display, at least on the homepage of the website, the provided official IVAO VA logo linked to IVAO™ main website.

F.3.5 Registered VAs must adhere to the GDPR and any deviation from the GDPR will result in termination of the VA membership from IVAO.

Special Operations


S.1 Special Operation flights are all flights operating as Operational Air Traffic (OAT) regulations.


S.2 Referrer to the Special operations directive for the Special Operations regulations https://doc.ivao.aero/specops:directive.


General Regulations

E.1.1 HQ Events Award: Award program valid when participating in selected published events.

E.1.2 PDE: Public Demonstration Event (PDE) can be requested by a division when intending to represent IVAO at a live stand (eg. Live fair, airshow..)

Event Regulations

E.2.1 A maximum number of 3 events including 1 RFE per day. On discretion of the HQ events department a 4th event may be allowed. Approved PDE events will have priority over regular events.

Planning an event

E.2.2.1 Divisions are required to plan all their events in the preplanned calendar and must be announced and published on the IVAO HQ events forum and IVAO website.

E.2.2.2 PDE Events need to be planned via email to the events department

World Tours

W.1 World Tour flights are to be conducted in accordance to IVAN Rules and Regulations.

W.2 In addition to IVAN Rules and Regulations, a number of World Tour Department specific procedures must be observed and followed. These are defined on the website of the World Tour Department. http://wt.ivao.aero/rules

W.3 Every World Tour will also include separate and specific regulations that apply only to that World Tour. These regulations are published on the Description page of the tour. These regulations are complimentary to the World Tour Department’s General regulations.  


Division and HQ departments regulations and procedures

X.1.1 Division/Department Directors and assistant Directors are appointed by the Executive Council after they have passed a successful interview.

X.1.2 Division/Department Directors and assistant Directors are representatives of the organization to their divisions. Their responsibility, in addition to the functions of the position, is to support and assist the Executive council inside the divisions/departments.

X.1.3 - Every country is eligible for one IVAO division or mini division. Every group of countries are eligible for one IVAO multi country division or mini division. The ISO code of a division is assigned by the Executive Council.

X.1.4 The creation and closure of a division is determined by the Executive Council. A request to open a new division has to be made to the Executive Council with the required documentation as specified in the division creation procedure.

X.1.5 Every division must have a Director and Webmaster at any time.

X.1.6 - Divisions must provide a website for their members, which should be hosted on the IVAO-NPO division webserver. The website must as a minimum contain the information described in the division website requirements procedure.

X.1.7 The only official communication channels between a division and its members are the IVAO forum, IVAO staff mail, the IVAO NOTAM system and the division’s website.

X.1.8 Regulations for divisions are established and maintained by the Executive Council.

Staff regulations

X.2.1 - Division and department HQ is appointed by the Executive Council. Divisional and departmental staff members are appointed by the respective division or HQ department. All staff members, after being appointed in a position, shall be on trial for a minimum of 3 months.

X.2.2 - The following age requirements applies for the respective positions at the time of appointment:

  • 16 years: Division staff except director and assistant director
  • 18 years: Department staff except director and assistant director
  • 21 years: Department and division HQ, executive.

X.2.3 - The following rating requirements applies for the respective positions at the time of appointment:

  • No requirements: DevOps and PR
  • AS3 or FS3: MC/MAC
  • ADC or PP: Division staff except DIR, ADIR and HQ department staff
  • SPP or APC: Department HQ, Division HQ

X.2.4 - The division Director (DIR) or Assistant Director (ADIR) must be residing in the country of the division. For a multi country division both DIR and ADIR must be residing in one of the countries which the division is consists of.

X.2.5 - Members can only hold staff position(s) in one division at any given time. Any member may not hold more than four (4) staff positions in total.

X.2.7 - Staff members are prohibited from holding any staff position(s) of any competing organization.

X.2.8 Regulations for staff members are established and maintained by the Executive Council.

X.2.9 Executive Council may waiver any of these regulations, should it be deemed necessary.

X.2.10 All staff is required to register an account on the IVAO staff discord server. On this server the IVAO staff Discord server usage guide applies as can be found here https://www.ivao.aero/documents/Discord.pdf .

X.2.11 Staff members are not allowed to store any data containing personal information related to IVAO, on any physical media, or in any software databases or repositories, as well as any online cloud storage which is outside the realm of the IVAO VZW.

Supervisor regulations

X.3.1 Only staff members can hold a Supervisor status.

X.3.2 Senior HQ (Department Director and Assistant Directors) and division HQ (Division Directors and Assistant Directors) are automatically eligible to become a Supervisor, as long as the other requirements also are fulfilled.

X.3.3 An IVAO staff member can be nominated to become a Supervisor by his superiors or any staff member of higher management.

X.3.4 Division HQ, can only nominate staff members in their own division to become Supervisors.

X.3.5 To be eligible as a Supervisor, the staff member must;

  • have been a staff member at HQ or divisional level for at least 3 consecutive months;
  • have held the rating of Senior Private Pilot (SPP) and Approach Controller for at least 6 months;
  • have a minimum of 100 hours logged as a staff member;
  • successfully pass an interview with the Executive Council
  • agree to sign the Confidentiality Agreement.

X.3.6 Supervisors represents the Executive Council in their tasks, therefore they are appointed, managed, monitored and disappointed by the Executive Council.

X.3.7 A Supervisor appointment is a global network appointment, not a divisional appointment.

X.3.8 Requirements, procedures and guidelines for Supervisors are established and maintained by the Executive Council.

X.3.9 All Supervisors are obligated to deal with requests and situations throughout the network, and must while online respond to all wallops sent by any member, and for any reason, unless otherwise occupied.

X.3.10 Supervisors must follow and act according to IVAO R&R. In situations where required, these cases may be reported to IVAO Executive.

X.3.11 Supervisor’s actions taken without adhering to the guidelines will be subject to warnings and the possibility of having the Supervisor status removal.

X.3.12 Executive Council may waiver any of these regulatory items, should it be deemed necessary.

Public Relations

P.1 For the public demonstration events procedure please referrer https://doc.ivao.aero/events:procedures:pde


**Modification Effective January 1st 2019**:

D.1 Manipulation All websites and tools are owned and copyrighted by/to IVAO. Any attempts of decompiling, exploiting, hacking and any other kind of activities in the purpose of gaining access to restricted/encrypted material or areas, are strictly prohibited.

Users that reveal any security related issue in IVAOs software are entitled to report it to DEVOPs in order to get the problem solved. Exploiting or spreading the revealed issue to third parties is prohibited. If such activities are detected and/or not being reported to appropriate instances (i.e. DEVOPs or Executive Council), an appropriate sanction (i.e. suspension) will be established by the Executive Council.

D.2 Flight data tracking According to IVAO R&R 2.1.2 members details are confidential. Confidentiality means – in relation with flight data tracking – that only IVAO staff members are allowed to view flights from others. Divisions using their own flight data tracking system are enforced to make sure, the privacy requirements are met at all times. If DEVOPs are notified about a violation of this rule, the access to Whazzup (see Regulation D.4 below) may be revoked.

D.3 Login API approval 1) All IVAO Login API requests are subject to an approval process by DOD/DOAD or the Executive Council started by either:

  • Divisions DIR/ADIR
  • Divisions WM/AWM
  • CEO of Virtual Airlines

Requests from other parties then the before mentioned will be declined without further notice. 2) Once usage of the API was approved, the requestor will receive an unique API usage key, which has to be kept secret. 3) If the API isn’t being used for more than 90 consecutive days, DEVOPs reserves the right to revoke access to the IVAO Login API. In this case re-application is possible by going through the approval process again.

D.4 Whazzup usage (live network data)

  1. Whazzup is not any longer subject for an approval issued by DEVOPs. Whazzup feed is free to use for everyone.
  2. Whazzup feed is provided as plain text file.
  3. To reduce data load, this file is served as gzip-compressed archive and must be handled on the users end accordingly.
  4. The maximum refresh time of the Whazzup feed is once per 3 minutes.
  5. If DEVOPs detects a refresh rate shorter than 3 minutes, DEVOPs reserves the right to ban the source IP address requesting Whazzup feed temporarily or permanently.

D.5 Hosting divisional websites on HQ Servers

  1. Each Division can request their division website to be hosted on IVAO HQ hosting servers for free.
  2. Each division will receive a host web space package with individual requirements, which are subject to approval of DOD/DOAD.
  3. Access to this package is granted to divisions WM and AWM as well as DIR and ADIR.
  4. It is up to Divisions DIR/ADIR/WM/AWM to hand out credentials to other parties. Responsibility for all actions done lies with the before mentioned parties.

D.6 Backup of divisional websites Every division – regardless if they are being hosted on IVAO HQ servers or not – are enforced to regularly (at least once per quarter) send backups of their websites to DEVOPs. This backup must contain all files, databases, offered downloads (e.g. Charts (if being offered), Sectorfiles, …) and other related things, which are needed for running the website. Divisions DIR/ADIR/WM/AWM is responsible for this process to be monitored and handled regularly, at least once a quarter.


B.1 The Rules, Mission Statement, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and BoG Regulations can only be modified by the BoG

B.2 Other regulations can be modified by the Executive Council in coordination with the responsible department and shall follow the network vision as determined by the BoG

B.3 Procedures or documents referred to in any regulation can be modified by the responsible department and shall follow the network vision as determined by the BoG

B.4 All modifications shall be announced at least 2 weeks (14 calendar days) before becoming effective, modifications will always become effective on the 1st of a month