NOTAM 002-2016 HQ Training department

Information supplied in the ATIS

In addition to the information about the ATIS in the Training Document „Air Traffic Services“ 4.3.

HQ Training Department issues the folowing guideline:

1. A comment “text-traffic expect delay” or similar is not approved ( reason are the R&R 7.1 which allow text without restrictions)

2. A comment “no English” is not approved: (reason R&R 4.4.)

  • 4.4.1a - Divisions located in a country without an approved ICAO language must use English.
  • 4.1b - Divisions with an approved ICAO language must use English as the primary language. The official ICAO language may also be used as a secondary language provided both the ATC and pilot speak the language, however, the ATC must still be able to control in English.

3. During exams the following entry is highly recommended:

                      Exam in progress – no unauthorised Emergencies

4. Newbies at their first steps on ATC positions are requested to add newbie in the ATIS to inform the pilots about their status and experience

5. NOTAM information ( if longer than 30 minutes), can also be added.

  • Avoid information about unserviceable Nav-Aids, (this cannot be simulated in the network)
  • Unserviceable runway or taxiway information is allowed.
  • Division may cancel NOTAM application on their area of responsibility. These specific rules shall be followed.

6. Any controller who own ADC or upper rank should not be allowed to provide Text only Air traffic services

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