Letter of Agreement: Russia

Speed restrictions:

GND-FL100: 270 kts
FL100-UNL: < 1M (supersonic on request)

Military Restricted Areas

Active Restricted areas notified by NOTAM

ATC Facility Rating

Please refer to the RU Division FRA list
Almost every military airbase has its own callsign

Miliatry bases

AA - anti air, TR - transport, ST - strategic aviation, GN - air to ground units:

XLDR (callsign: Rogachevo, AA)
URKA (callsign: Vytyazevo, civil/military, TR)
URKR (callsign: Armavir, AA)
ULAA (callsign: Talagi, civil/military, AA)
XRAP (callsign: Privolzhskiy, AA)
XRVH (callsign: Ahtubinsk, AA, ST)
XVSB (callsign: Sennaya, TR)
XVSV (callsign: Balashov, TR)
UNBB (callsign: Mihailovka, civil/military, TR)
UIBB (callsign: Belaya, ST)
XUOB (callsign: Chigorak, GN)
UIBB (callsign: Bratsk, TR)
XRMB (callsign: Budenovsk, GN, TR)
UUBL (callsign: Semyazino, TR)
XRVM (callsign: Marinovka, GN)
XUOV (callsign: Baltimor, TR)
URMG (callsign: Groznyi, civil/military)
XLLY (callsign: Sakkola, TR)
XUDD (Dobrynskoe, TR)
XIAD (callsign: Domna, AA, TR)
XMVD (callsign: Donskoe, TR)
URKE (callsign: Yiesk, TR)
USSK (callsign: Aramil, TR)
USSS (callsign: Koltsovo, civil/military, TR)
UUVE (callsign: Ermolino, TR)
XUDI (callsign: Severniy, TR)
XVKD (callsign: Danilovo, TR)
XSSU (callsign: Radushniy, TR)
XNKG (callsign: Dalniy, AA, TR)
UAFV (callsign: Kant, GN, TR)
XRVF (callsign: Kartina, TR)
XUMN (callsign: Klin, TR)
UHKD (callsign: Dzemgi, AA)
XRKO (callsign: Korenovsk, TR)
UUBA (callsign: Sokerino)
XRRK (callsign: Kotelnikovo, AA)
XRKL (callsign: Krasnodar, GN)
XRKV (callsign: Krymsk, AA, TR)
XUMB/UUMB (callsign:Kubinka, AA, TR)
UUOK (callsign: Vostochniy, TR)
XRRD (callsign: Kushevskaya, AA ,GN)
XLLV (callsign: Levashovo, TR)
XUVL (callsign: Lipetsk-2, AA, GN)
URKH (callsign: Maikop, AA)
XRRI (callsign: Millerovo, AA)
XUVM (callsign: Michurinsk, AA, GN)
XLMG (callsign: Surguch, AA)
URRM (callsign: Morozovsk, GN)
URMN (callsign: Nalchik, civil/military, TR)
XHVE (callsign: Primorskaya, TR)
UNNT (callsign: Tolmachevo, civil/military, TR)
XNNU (callsign: Kubovaya, TR)
XLMO (callsign: Olenya, ST)
XIAS (callsign: Step, GN)
UNOS (callsign: Omsk-Severniy, TR)
XVON (callsign: Orenburg-2, TR)
UUMO (callsign: Ostafevo, civil/military, TR)
USPP (callsign: Bolshoe Savino, civil/military, AA)
ULPB (callsign: Petrozavodsk, civil/miliatry, AA)
UHPP (callsign: Elizovo, civil/military, AA, TR)
XLAP (callsign: Pleseck, TR)
XLLY (callsign: Pribylovo, TR)
XRKP (callsign: Primorsko-Ahtarsk, GN)
ULOO (callsign: Pskov, civil/military, TR)
ULLP (callsign: Pushkin, civi/military, TR)
XRRO (callsign: Rostov-Centralnyi, TR)
XVPR (callsign: Rtischevo, TR)
UUBD (callsign: Dyagilevo, ST, TR)
XUVP (callsign: Protasovo, TR)
XUDE (callsign: Savasleika, AA)
XVSS (callsign: Sokol, TR)
XLMD (callsign: Severomorsk-1, ST, TR)
XLMG (callsign: Severomorsk-3, AA)
XUVD (callsign: Sescha, TR)
UHKG (callsign: Kamenniy Ruchei, ST, T)
XLLL (callsign: Soltsy, ST)
XVVS (callsign: Troekurovka, TR, GN)
XRRC (callsign: Taganrog, TR)
XUOM (callsign: Tambov, TR)
UUEM (callsign: Migalovo, TR)
UEST (callsign: Tiksi, TR)
URKT (callsign: Tihoretsk, AA)
XUET (callsign: Torzhok, GN, TR)
UUBT (callsign: Klokovo, civil/military, TR)
XNKR (callsign: Uzhur, TR)
XHBU (callsign: Ukrainka, ST)
XIUV (callsign: Ulan-Ude-Vostochniy, TR)
XSCU (callsign: Uprun, TR)
XLVF (callsign: Fedotovo, ST)
UUOK (callsign: Hotilovo, AA)
XMKK (callsign: Hrabrovo, TR)
UHKK (callsign: Hurba, GN)
XHIU (callsign: Artem, AA)
XHII (callsign: Chernigovka, GN)
XMVH (callsign: Chernyahovsk, GN)
XMVB (callsign: Chkalovsk, AA, TR)
UUMU (callsign: Chkalovskiy, TR)
USCG (callsign: Shagol, GN, TR)
XUBY (callsign: Shaitovka, ST)
XVSG (callsign: Engels, ST)

This LOA is NOT current (no active SOC), last check 05AUG13