Letter of Agreement: Portugal

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This LOA is NOT current and may not be valid, last LOA review 22JUN11


Controlled Airspace: link? Uncontrolled Airspace: link?

Speed Restrictions

Do not exceed 250 KIAS below FL100 unless permitted by ATC, or unless the airspace classification permits otherwise. Military aircraft may also exceed the restriction.

For the major airports in Portugal (LPPT, LPPR and LPFR) there are other speed restrictions to comply with upon arrival:

  • MAX 280 KT between FL245 & FL100
  • MAX 210 KT when initiating the intermediate approach
  • MAX between 200 KT & 180 KT on base leg or when Receiving final vector to intercept the localizer
  • MAX 160 KT when intercepting the glide path at FAP and maintaining until 4 NM from Threshold. If unable to comply with this adjustment advise ATC
  • Supersonic under IFR only over FL420

Military Restricted Areas

  • Active Restricted areas notified by NOTAM
  • For NOTAM'S Click Here (link?)

Military Airports

  • LPOV
  • LPMR
  • LPAR
  • LPMT
  • LPBJ
  • LPSR
  • LPLA

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