Letter of Agreement: Netherlands

Speed Restrictions

GND-FL100: 250kts
GND-FL100 Fighter jets: 350kts
FL100-UNL: <M 1.0 (supersonic on request)

Area Restrictions

Military traffic without Division approval is prohibited in the Schiphol and Rotterdam TMA’s and CTR’s


The TRA’s overhead the northsea can be used anytime for training purposes.


Military Airports restricted to ADC rated controllers, Dutchmil restricted to APC rated controllers and subject to GCA.


EHEH: Mil Cargo + Civil
EHGR: Helicopter Base
EHKD: Naval + SAR base
EHLW: Fighter Airbase
EHVK: Fighter Airbase
EHWO: Mil Training Airbase

This LOA is current, last check 03AUG17