Letter of Agreement: Israel

Speed Restrictions

GND-FL100: 250kts
GND-FL100 Fighter jets: 350kts
FL100-UNL: <M 1.0 (supersonic on request)

Area Restrictions

AREA LLP19: restricted from GND to UNL.


Military Airports restricted to AS3 rated controllers and required GCA approval.

Main Airports

LLRD: Fighter Airbase
LLEK: Fighter + Mil-Heli Transport Airbase
LLPL: Attack and Rescues Helis Airbase
LLHS: Fighter Airbase
LLHB: Mil-Flight Academy Airbase
LLNV: Main Cargo and Transport Airbase
LLRM: Fighter + Attack Helis Airbase
LLOV: Traning Airbase (it is also a civial international airport.


Please avoid any conflict with civial traffics on routes while traning at the following TRA's: LLR1080, LLR590, LLR921, LLD1.

For more deatils: www.ivao.org.il

This LOA is NOT current (no active SOC), last check 10OCT13