Letter of Agreement: Greece

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This LOA is NOT current and may not be valid (no active SOC), last LOA review 24SEP11

Speed Restrictions

GND-FL100: 250 kts
GND-FL100 Fighter jets: 350kts Not within Civil TMAs
FL100-UNL: <M 1.0 (supersonic on request)

Military Restricted Areas

  • Active Restricted areas notified by NOTAM
  • Military traffic without Division approval is prohibited in the Athens (LGAV/ATH) CTR

ATC Facility Rating

  • Please refers to the GR Division FRA list here
  • LGGG_M_CTR “MAMBO Radar” with Approach Controller rating.
  • GCA approval required for members outside of the GR Division


GR-Div TRA’s are here. LGKL MTMA is dedicated for SO Training activities (Pilot/ATC) and can be used anytime for training purposes.

Military Bases within Hellenic Airspace

  • LGEL (AF Transport [C-130, C-27J, CL-215/415, SAR/CSAR HELIs] Base)
  • LGRX (AF Fighter Base)
  • LGAD (AF Fighter Base)
  • LGTG (AF Fighter Base)
  • LGBL (AF Fighter Base)
  • LGLR (AF Fighter Base)
  • LGSY (AF Fighter/Transport)
  • LGLM (AF Fighter/Transport)
  • LGSA (AF Fighter Base)
  • LGKL (AF Training Base) SO TRA
  • LGTT (AF Initial Tranning Base)
  • LGTP (AF Training Base)
  • LGSR (AF Fighter/Transport)
  • LGRD (AF Fighter/Transport)
  • LGMG (Army Base Helicopters/Fix wings)
  • LGSV (Army Base Helicopters/Fix wings)
  • LGAX (Army Base Helicopters/Fix wings)

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