Letters of Agreement: Germany

In Germany, flights of military aircraft can be performed according to the provisions for general air traffic (GAT) or operational air traffic (OAT). Ref.:DE MIL AIP

Flight Planning

Filing a flight plan is statet in the examples under the following document: Ref.: DE MIP AIP

speed Restrictions

Supersonic under Radar with minimum FL 360 over land and FL200 over sea (shall be coordinated with ATC over land)

normally an airspeed under FL100 shall not exceed 250KIAS, unless the mission requires a higher speed. Flights over land:

  • below FL360 to FL100: Mach 0.95
  • below FL100: Mach 0.9, but no more than 575 KIAS.

Airspace Structure

Air to air refueling possible in assigned airspaces and coordination with ATC TRA operation possible with ATC coordination (Airspace over ETNL-Laage in planning)

All TWR positions are possible, Personal shall be able to provied german and english radio service, two special fields are open for training. ETMN-Nordholz in the north. TWR: no restrictions Radar: C1 FRA (further Information ETMN LoA)

ETSL-Lechfeld in the south TWR: no restrictions Radar: C1 FRA (further Information LINK)

Overall Information