Letter of Agreement: Czech Republic

General rules

  • All OAT flights must have correctly filled FPL with specification of intentions!
  • Military flights in TRA/TSA are possible only with ATC coordination.
  • Military traffic without Division approval is prohibited in the Ruzyně (LKPR/PRG) CTR

Speed Restrictions

  • Below FL100: max 250 IAS
  • Fighter jets below FL100: max 350 IAS
  • Above FL100: under M0.9

Supersonic flights

  • at least FL370 during climb
  • at least FL410 in horizontal flight
  • at least FL450 during descend

Supersonic flight can be performed no later than 1900Z and ATC clearance is necessary!

Military Areas

  • All TRA/TSA/R areas are published in AIP CZ part ENR 6.3
  • Active reserved areas notified by online ATC
  • Flights into activated areas are possible only with ATC clearence!

ATC stations

LKAA_E_CTR (127.125 MHz) “Praha Radar”

  • Is responsible for all military traffic when military control is not online.
  • Is responsible for activating of TRA/TSA/R.

LKAA_FSS (126.100 MHz) “Praha Information”

  • Provides FIS also for military traffic.


  • This is equivalent of CRC, this station provides military control and GCI.
  • May substitue MTWR and MAPP when its offline.

LKXX_P_APP (xxx.xxx MHz) “xxxx Precision”

  • Provides PAR.

Military Bases

LKCV Čáslav

  • Fighter jets
  • NATINAMDS base

LKNA Náměšť

  • Helicopter Base

LKKB Praha - Kbely

  • Transport and Government squadron
  • SAR squadron

LKPD Pardubice

  • Training Base

This LOA is current, last check 03AUG17

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