Letter of Agreement: Belgium

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This LOA is NOT current and may not be valid, last LOA review 08JUL11

Speed Restrictions

Over land: 420 kts
Over sea: 450 kts
During interception: Mach 0.9 maximum, but not exceeding 575 KIAS
Supersonic is only allowed above FL400 with ATC clearance


4500ft in uncontrolled airspace: Airspace Chart



  • ADC required for TWR/APP positions
  • APC is required for EBSZ_CTR

NOTE: EBSZ_CTR may only be opened if EBBU_CTR is online

Activation of Temporary Segregated Areas

A pilot may ask EBBU_CTR or EBSZ_CTR to activate a TSA 30 minutes prior to using it (to enable ATC to redirect traffic from the area)
As EBSZ_CTR you have to request EBBU_CTR to activate a TSA and allow ATC a reasonale amount of time to clear the area from other traffic

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