Letters of Agreement: Austria

Speed Restrictions

Within CTR: 250 IAS, on request max. 0.9 M Supersonic under IFR only over FL400 Fighter Acft below FL100: <350 IAS other Mil-Acft below FL100: <250 IAS

Temporary Restricted Area (approx. 120x50nm)

  • for low flying and other training
  • if MIL-ATC is online

Facility Ratings

LOVV_M_CTR (Military Control Center) → C2 only responsible for military aircrafts in LOVV

  • ATC for military aircrafts
  • Traffic information for mil - VFR
  • Flight information service for mil - VFR
  • executes intercept missions

LOXZ_F_APP (Final Approach) → C1 performs PAR

other stations (TWR, APP free of FRA)