Letter of Agreement: Argentina

Speed restrictions

GND-FL100: 250kts
GND-FL100 Fighter jets: 350kts
FL100-UNL: <M 1.0 (supersonic on request)

Military restricted Zones

Under denomination SAR

Military training areas

All SAR Sectors, Specific areas into military terrain and Specific Areas into sea

Military Airfields

SACE Escuela (AF Pilots school)
SAOR Reynolds (AF Fighter base)
SAZT Tandil (AF Fighter Base)
SADP Palomar (AF Transport)
SADJ Moreno (AF Helicopters)
SADO Campo de Mayo (ARMY Helicopters - Cargo - trainig)
SAWE Rio Grande (NAVY transport)
SAOC Rio Cuarto (AF Maintenance center)
SAAI Punta Indio (NAVY training base)
SAWB Base MArambio (AF Transport - Helicopter)

Civilian and Military Airfields

SADM Moron (Civil - AF Transport)
SAME Mendoza (Civil - AF fighter training airbase - ARMY Helicopters)
SAZB Bahia Blanca (Civil - NAVY Transport - SAR training)
SAVC Comodoro Rivadavia (Civil - AF Transport - ARMY Helicopters)
SAZM Mar del Plata (Civil - AF Airbase)
SATR Reconquista Civil - AF Fighter - Transport)
SAWG Rio Gallegos (Civil - AF Airbase - ARMY Helicopters)
SARP Posadas (Civil - ARMY Helicopters)
SAAP Parana (Civil - AF Transport - ARMY Helicopters)

This LOA is current, last check 03AUG17