Expenses Request Procedure

This document lays out the procedure for the submission of requests to the Public Relations department for financial assistance and support for PR related materials from divisions.

This document will outline the types of items that may be considered for financial support, the process involved in processing requests and any requirements or prerequisites that may apply.

Considerations for Financial Support

The Public Relations department is keen to help promote IVAO within local divisions by attempting to supply a degree of financial help with the production of PR material for live events. The main concept behind the scheme is that such material can be provided to members of the public or other interested parties to help promote their local IVAO community and raise awareness and hopefully membership.

The scheme is not to be regarded as funding towards the cost of setting up an exhibition or event, although we will consider the cost of stands or booths if relevant.

Although it is impossible to create an exhaustive list of items that will and will not be considered for financial support, the general rule of thumb is that PR material that can be used for multiple events and is not considered financially excessive, will take precedence.

As a guide some common items are listed below:

Considered for financial support:

  • Exhibition stand costs
  • Flyers
  • Banners
  • Roll-up stands
  • Promotional Pens
  • Badges

Not considered for financial support:

  • Costs towards travel
  • Accommodation
  • Event room hire (excluses PDE's)
  • T-shirts / Fleeces / Personal clothing
  • Equipment / Hardware / Cables / Computers
  • Anything considered as a benefit to an individual rather than the division

Processing of Requests

The process of handling requests is relatively simple but can take time to complete due to the many people and departments required to validate and authorise funding within the organisation.

Initially any requests for financial assistance should be submitted to the Public Relations department (pr@ivao.aero) with details of the event and specific information on the items and costs involved.

This information will then be processed by the department to evaluate the effectiveness and longevity of the items in respect to how they would benefit the division. Should an item be deemed suitable in principle and budget, it would then be forwarded to the financial sector of the NPO for consideration.

A time frame of three days is then required for feedback from the VZW, this time is required to enable any discussions to be initiated on any concerns raised.

Any items being approved by the NPO would then result in an offer of financial support being given by the Public Relations department to the division. This offer would include a figure that has been authorised by the NPO which would not necessarily be identical to the requested amount.

The financial support scheme is based on a reimbursement system where any approval for financial support would be paid back to the division on production of the relevant invoices and is never paid out in advance of purchase of the goods.

Requirements for Reimbursement

Should financial support be offered as reimbursement to a division it will only be honoured on production of a paid invoice made out in the name of IVAO VZW. This is due to tax considerations for the organisation and is something that should be kept in mind whenever ordering items for IVAO divisions.

Invoices should contain dates and details of items ordered with appropriate costs, and should be submitted along with the completed “Request for the refund of expenses” form that will be supplied when NPO approval has been given.

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