The official IVAO magazine is called “Virtual Sky” and is published by the Magazine Team which is headed by the team managers ( &

The magazine is digitally published quarterly

  • March (Spring Issue)
  • June (Summer Issue)
  • September (Autumn Issue)
  • December (Winter Issue)

it can be found on our ISSUU site and is also available for download on our website @


“Virtual Sky” offer free advertising space to companies or individuals who wish to use the magazine to promote their goods or services.

No fees are charged by IVAO and no money is exchanged with IVAO, purchases of services or goods are made directly between the advertiser and the purchaser and IVAO accepts no responsibility for any transactions between the two parties.

The offer is open to any company or individual - there is no requirement to be an IVAO member.

  • Advertisements must be related to aviation (e.g. hardware, magazines, simulators, software, gifts, services etc.)
  • Advertisements are available in three sizes

1/8 page - 89.30mm x 68.75mm - landscape

(525px by 405px)


1/4 page - 89.30mm x 137.50mm - portrait

(525px by 810px)

1/2 page - 184.60mm x 137.50mm - landscape

(1095px by 810px)


IVAO reserves the right to select appropriate
sizes for adverts based on available space

  • The default advertisement size is 1/8 page with 1/4 and 1/2 page sizes reserved for commercial or partner advertisements at the magazine team's discretion
  • As “Virtual Sky” is an online publication there is no need for any bleed area, however we would suggest keeping text and images at least 6mm from all borders
  • For ease of inclusion into the magazine, adverts should be submitted in PDF format but we are able work with most standard file formats.
  • There is no requirement for advertisers to provide any form of discount to IVAO members, however that would be a nice gesture if practical to manage
  • IVAO and the “Virtual Sky” team reserve the right to reject or remove any advertisement deemed inappropriate
  • The placement of adverts will depend on the available space on an issue by issue basis

For all enquiries and submissions please email the magazine team directly at

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