IVAO Logos

Do not use IVAO logos without the prior approval of Public Relations Department.

All IVAO logos provided are generated from our original Adobe illustrator files.

The official IVAO logos are available in three colours with an additional outline version.

The creation and implementation of division logos is controlled by the Public Relations Department as it is necessary for us to control many of the characteristics of the IVAO brand to make the project successful globally.

Some of these characteristics include elements such as size, drop shadows, line weights, colour saturation and vibrancies levels. All these elements need to be consistent throughout the divisions for the branding to work.

All official IVAO logos can be found here.

Submission of division logos for consideration

The Public Relations department is always open to discuss suggestions or requirements regarding country logos, however any logo submissions must adhere to the organisations brand requirements and any submissions failing to meet these conditions will be rejected. Additionally it is required that all logos use a unified style which means that all logos should work together when viewed as a collection.

Only logos created in a suitable vector editor such as Adobe Illustrator will be considered, bitmap images such as those created in Photoshop will be rejected.

As the majority of work with logos will be web-based it is required that you use an RGB colour space rather than CMYK.

Country logos consist of a top layer image of the roundel, plane and the letters IVAO, this layer has its own colour and fx filter and cannot be altered in any way. The colour used is unique to the layer and cannot be used within the rest of the logo.

All country logos use a specific colour palette (swatch) which is included in the Illustrator files. Only these colours may be used for elements of the logo, any addition to the colour palette will result in the logo submission being rejected.

For the sake of clarity, there are 19 colours available with the following values.

Hex – (EB7D24)
RGB - (235,125,36)
Hex – (54A0D3)
RGB - (84,160,211)
Hex – (FAF1EB)
RGB – (250,241,235)
Hex – (000000)
RGB - (0,0,0)
Hex – (82371C)
RGB - (130,55,28)
Hex – (296D36)
RGB - (41,109,54)
Hex – (263375)
RGB - (38,51,117)
Hex – (DDDDDD)
RGB - (221,221,221)
Hex – (9A8A7B)
RGB - (154,138,123)
Hex – (019246)
RGB - (1,146,70)
Hex – (263B95)
RGB - (38,59,149)
Hex – (EEEEEE)
RGB - (238,238,238)
Hex – (BE2026)
RGB - (190,32,38)
Hex – (F0B121)
RGB - (240,177,33)
Hex – (0075BE)
RGB - (0,117,190)
Hex – (FFFFFF)
RGB - (255,255,255)
Hex – (D61F28)
RGB - (214,31,40)
Hex – (FFCB04)
RGB - (255,203,4)
Hex – (662E42)
RGB - (102,46,66)

Division Logo Template

The division logo template contains the main overlay, clipping mask and colour palette. The “Logo Image” layer is by default an orange rectangle to help illustrate the function of the mask. This layer should be replaced with your own objects/paths to create your complete logo.

Please make sure you have read the details in the section Submission of division logos for consideration to avoid disappointment when submitting logo requests.

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