As English is the main language used for the IVAO website it is important to standardise on dictionaries as several interpretations exist worldwide and mixing these dictionaries across the website would look inconsistent.

The United Kingdom dictionary should be used throughout the website, therefore spellings such as organisation, colour and customise should be used rather than organization, color and customize.

The uses of contractions within English are not to be used on the website or any official documents. Contractions such as we're, they'll and wasn't may lead to confusion for members whose first language is not English, instead use we are, they will and was not.

Double quotation marks should be used rather than single quotes, i.e. "Good morning" said Fred, rather than 'Good morning' said Fred.

In general use quotation mark around titles, IVAO lanches "Virtual Sky" magazine. Alternatively you may use the <blockquote> and <footer> classes if required.

  • IVAO lanches VIrtual Sky magazine.
  • IVAO lanches VIrtual Sky magazine.
    Microsoft game studios

Abbreviations should be in capitals i.e. ATC, FTP, FS and if required the <abbr> class may be used, i.e. IVAO.

The word toward never ends in an s, same for forward, backward, upward, downward.

Although this branding document does not adhere completely to "The Associated Press Stylebook", the following spellings of some common technology words should be used:

  • email, not Email, E-mail or e-mail.
  • online, not on-line and similarly offline, not off-line.
  • website, not Web-site, Web site or Website.
  • ebook, not E-book.
  • smartphone, not Smart phone.

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