Fonts and Styles

The official fonts of the new IVAO brand are Arial and Open Sans.

Open sans 14px is used for body text in Grey #1 (#222222) on a white background, this helps keep digital and printed material the same.

Six headers are available and use the Arial font. These headers are in primary brand colour (#2a4982), uppercase with 2px letter spacing, secondary headers are 65 percent height of their respective main header and use Grey #3 (#999999) text.

Header One Style Secondary header

Header Two Style Secondary header

Header Three Style Secondary header

Header Four Style Secondary header

Header Five Style Secondary header
Header Six Style Secondary header

The list below details the font attributes available.

Element Font Size Colour Properties Line height
Body Open Sans 14px (10.5pt) #222222 Normal 1.4
Header One Arial 22px (16.5pt) #2a4982 Uppercase, 2px letter spacing 1.1
Header Two Arial 18px (13.5pt) #2a4982 Uppercase, 2px letter spacing 1.1
Header Three Arial 16px (12pt) #2a4982 Uppercase, 2px letter spacing 1.1
Header Four Arial 15px (11.25pt) #2a4982 Uppercase, 2px letter spacing 1.1
Header Five Arial 14px (10.5pt) #2a4982 Uppercase, 2px letter spacing 1.1
Header Six Arial 12px (9pt) #2a4982 Uppercase, 2px letter spacing 1.1

If you require to make a note on a page then these are 85 percent of the normal body text as demonstrated below using the CSS class of <small>.

note: The use of the Bold attribute on text should be restricted to highlighting specific items such as Dates, Times, Locations, Specific Words, etc. and should not be used to highlight an entire paragraph. If an entire paragraph needs highlighting then you should use one of the defined brand colours. The Bold attribute should never be used with any of these defined brand colours.

You must use the defined brand colours if you wish to highlight any text such as A Warning Message or A Danger Message.

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