Public Demonstration Event

IVAO events are a highlight of many members’ online experience both as pilots and controllers. The Events department together with the divisional events teams and world events team provide extraordinary opportunities for members to experience the best our network has to offer.

The Public Relations Department promotes all official events heavily on both the IVAO website and via social media and will continue to do so as effective channels for communicating with our members and supporters.

One problem that arises for all divisions and the HQ Event department is when events are organised to take place at aviation shows and exhibitions where the public are attending.

These types of event are usually tailor made for an exhibition and are sometimes not able to attract the volumes of traffic that best demonstrate the power of IVAO. This is a great shame as this is the perfect opportunity to present our services to a new audience, with the real possibility of increasing membership and general awareness of our network amongst aviation enthusiasts and commercial companies.

To try and assist with this goal the Events Department have created a new event status called the “Public Demonstration Event”, PDE for short; these events will be granted use of a new logo and extra promotion via social media. This will not change the way all official events are currently promoted but will help highlight events that will be taking place at confirmed public venues with a view to increasing traffic.

We do of course wish all official events the highest volumes of traffic for the greatest enjoyment for all those participating; the PDE’s will hopefully increase global membership so that all subsequent events are enjoyed by more members in all divisions and regions.

Application Requirements

Applications for PDE status must be made to the Events Department ( at least two weeks prior to the event start date. The earlier an application is received the more promotion it will get, so it is in the best interests of event staff to submit applications as soon as possible.

Applications must contain details of the online event as well as details of the public event it is supporting. Details of online event times and planned activities will be required along with details of the venue and anticipated public attendance levels.

Public Events are defined as any exhibition, aviation show, conference or IVAO demonstration that is presented to the public for the purpose of introducing or promoting IVAO. PDE’s are not designed for small local demonstrations to schools, colleges, flight clubs or similar isolated events.

Any ATC units or pilots directly involved with a PDE must also remark in their ATIS or Flight Plan the following notice: Public Demonstration Event participant – Session recording/broadcasting approved.

Approved Events

Events that are approved for PDE status will be exempt from restrictions on voice communication set out in the IVAO network rules and regulations as authorised by the Public Relations Director.

A PDE logo is available to identify any approved events and must be placed on all event banners to inform members that PDE rules apply to the event.

As per our agreement with our sponsor (Aerosoft) we are also required to display their logo at any PDE’s. This can be in any form you feel is appropriate for the venue you are attending but you must have some form of sponsor promotion displayed.

Both PDE and Aerosoft logos are available from either the Events Department or the Public Relations Department.

Approved PDE events will receive more social media coverage to encourage traffic to take part and will have a special banner placed in the IVAO homepage slider.

Please create an image detailing your PDE (1170px by 500px) to be included in the IVAO main website top slider, please include the Aerosoft logo on this web banner.

If you have a website you wish the banner linking to please also provide this - send the banner and URL directly to the PR department.

An application for PDE status is not a guarantee that approval will be given and therefore all events will be deemed not to have PDE approval until such a time that a notice of PDE Approval has been received. This notice will be sent to the applicant and copied to any relevant divisional DIR/ADIR.

Financial Support

Certain elements involved in providing a PDE may include a financial element such as booth costs or flyers and banners.

The Public Relations Department may be able to contribute towards the costs of some of these items. Please read the following document for further details: EXPENSES REQUEST PROCEDURE

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