Status File Format


The status file is similar to a regular property file, with that difference that the keys can occur multiple times.
This is done for load balancing reasons.
If a key occurs multiple times, and you want to use that set of data, you MUST do load balancing between the different URLs.

Any line starting with ; or # should be regarded as comments and ignored by the client parser.


120180:NOTCP \\
;msg0= \\
url0=  http :// whazzup .txt \\
;url0= http :// whazzup .txt \\
url0= http :// whazzup .txt \\
url1= whazzup /voice.asp \\
gzurl0= http :// whazzup .txt.gz \\
;gzurl0= http :// whazzup .txt.gz \\
gzurl0= http :// whazzup .txt.gz \\
metar0= http ://wx. ivao .aero/metar. php \\
taf0= http ://wx. ivao .aero/taf. php \\
shorttaf0= http ://wx. ivao .aero/shorttaf. php \\
user0= http ://www. ivao .aero/members/person/details.asp \\
atis0= whazzup /atis.asp \\


The following keys can exist in the status file:

Name - - Description
msg0 - - A text message. If present in the status file, this message MUST be shown to the user upon startup of the application
url0 - - An URL to the whazzup file, in uncompressed variant
url1 - - An URL to the voice file, in uncompressed variant. Deprecated
gzurl0 - - An URL to the whazzup file, in compressed variant (GZip).
metar0 - - An URL to the retrieve METAR information. Deprecated
taf0 - - An URL to the retrieve TAF information. Deprecated
shorttaf0 - - An URL to the retrieve SHORTTAF information. Deprecated
user0 - - An URL to the retrieve user information. Deprecated
atis0 - - An URL to the retrieve ATIS information. Deprecated

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