How to retrieve Whazzup files?

This section of the documentation describes how to retrieve whazzup files which can provide the necessary information for client-side application wanting to display information online.

WARNING! You should remember that access to these files can only be obtained after an official clearance from the IVAO Development Operations Department.

The Whazzup system is mainly designed to provide a number of text files which can be parsed in a specific way.
A few guidelines which you should follow for all Whazzup related files:

  • Always set your user agent to the name of your application, including the version.
  • The status.txt file may only be downloaded once a day.
  • The whazzup file may only be downloaded once every 5 minutes.

The first step you need to do is to download the Status File from the IVAO servers.
This file is located at:

Remember that you can only download this file once a day. This implies that your application MUST cache the contents of the file in memory or on disk of the device on which you are working.

Once the status file is downloaded and parsed, you should have a list of available whazzup providers (refer to Status File Format for a description on how to parse the file).
Your application must pick a whazzup provider at random, thus effectively distributing the load between the different providers.

Additionally your application MUST prefer the compressed variants if they are available.
This implies, if the list of providers contains compressed variants and uncompressed variants, you should also pick a random compressed one, unless all of them are not reachable, then you may attempt uncompressed variants.

After downloading the whazzup file, you can parse that file to obtain the status of the network.
This is described in Whazzup File Format .

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